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Customer Reviews 

“Very impressed by this app. Very easy to install.Outstanding customer service team (10 stars++++).Highly recommended.” –

“It’s free, easy to use, and has awesome support. We had previous translation apps that gave 4-5 languages with a monthly cost with extra charges for automatic google translations. This app is free for 5 languages of choice, automatically translates your store with google translations, plus has a currency converter. If you’re looking to manually translate your store, as of date this app doesn’t seem to let you but, it’s not something we’re interested in yet. So 5 stars for us!” – Savetheearthbrushes

“I would give this excellent app a 5 stars all due to the high customer concern from the developer and well-using experience. Is very easy to use for both site manager or visitor, and a free plan is always available for basic functions, that’s a good news for every beginner who just start their shopify.” – Doublee_CaDA

“We love this App; We sell all over the world – this shopify app is a key enabler – a fantastic App with a great team sitting behind it!” – Jaxon Lee® Clothing Co.

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