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Whack A Zombie!

Play Whack A Zombie! – The Fun Free Whacking Games of Zombies

Whack A Zombie! – is the ultimate Zombie Whacking game for your fingers on your mobile phone or tablet. Whack A Zombie! is amazing fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. This is a the deadliest game around (no pun intended) and it is at your finger tips.

Whack A Zombie is a mix of a music track and a fast-paced game. It is a true challenge of your coordination skills and a lot of fun.

First, you’ll see a 6 x 6 grid on your screen. Then the music cranks up and you’re ready to go. When one of the dots light up you “Whack A Zombie”. Sounds easy right?

Not always. You have to be quick to make sure you whack each zombie as it pop up. If you miss one you get an X, whack the wrong zombie and you get another X. Five X’s and you’re dead like the fellow zombies. But don’t worry, you can try again.

Think you have it mastered? Then switch from easy mode to advanced mode. The game moves faster and you only get three X’s before you lose. The advanced level is not for slowpokes. You have to keep your fingers moving to win on this level.

The last level is a timed version. You see how many taps you can get within a one minute time span. Each time you hit the wrong dot you lose five taps. Challenge your friends and see if they can get more taps than you.

Challenge your children if you’re brave enough. This is great game for improving hand eye coordination for children and adults. Dont tell your kids, they will just have lots of fun playing it.

There are nineteen Game Center missions that you can complete in the game.

But be warned – this game is addictive. Once you start you won’t want to quit until you’ve finish, trying to beat your own high score or friends. Then you’ll want to do it again – only faster this time.

You can download a free version of this game and start playing immediately.

Download Whack A Zombie and Start The Fun.

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Whack A Zombie! Game ScreenWhack A Zombie! Game ScreenWhack A Zombie! Game ScreenWhack A Zombie! Game ScreenWhack A Zombie! Game Screen

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Download Whack A Zombie! from the Apple App Store
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