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Hundreds of Hours of Great Puzzle FUN!

The BEST Under the Sea Puzzle game in the App Store – features stunning pictures of the Beautiful and Mysterious World Under the Sea.

A Great PUZZLE that is NO Mess, NO Frustration! – Just a great challenge and tons of fun!

Have you ever imaged what it would be like to cruise in a submarine, or scuba dive across the great barrier reef? Is the aquatic world below the sea an amazing sight to you? Well now there’s a puzzle game that uses incredible images from under the sea. These pic use brilliant colors that are rarely seen on land.  If you love the tranquil sites of an underwater world, then this puzzle game is going to be a huge splash for you.

This puzzle game takes majestic photos of great underwater worlds and turns them into challenging puzzles. The pics includes clown fish, a walrus, anemone, a momma dolphin with her calf, and even jelly and butterfly fish.

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Customer Reviews For Under the Sea Puzzles:

“Best puzzle ever – For a free game you couldn’t ask for more (or better)!” – Adonis Hristodulu

“Cool game – Good game to pass time with. works brilliant.” – Vivienne Mercier

“Love it – Very interesting and addicting…. Please make more!!!” – Eric Gonzales

“Amazing – Amazing!! So smooth and so simple!! I love it!!” – Neno Bell

What Makes this Puzzle So Remarkable?

  • Tile-Swap Puzzle – Simple select two tiles at a time to swap places, until the final pictures is revealed.
  • Choose a puzzle from our many extraordinary photographs included in the app.
  • Or create your own amazing puzzle using your own photos.
  • Choose an easy 9 piece puzzle or if you’re feeling brave – work up to a harder 100 piece puzzle.
  • There is a built-in timer that allows you to try and beat your own best time each time you play.
  • Then Challenge your friends in Game Center and try to beat their best time, too.
  • Easy bragging rights feature integrated with Facebook and Twitter – Entice your friends to try and beat your best time, (I bet you can’t beat mine).

Play this puzzle app anytime you have a free moment and need some challenging entertainment. The only problem is…you won’t want to stop, once you start.

Under the Sea Photographic Puzzles Include:

Anemonefish Redsea
Angel Fish
Belize Coral Reef
Clown Fish
Coral Reef
Great Barrier Reef
Humpback Whale
Killer Whale
Lion Fish
Orange Jellyfish
Porcelain Crab
Sea Turtle
Ship Wreck
Tessellate Moray
Tropical Fishes

Keep yourself entertained for hours when you download and play these incredible puzzles.  This is the perfect app whenever you need a change of scenery.


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Download Under the Sea Puzzles from the Apple App Store Download Under the Sea Puzzles from Google Play