How To Translate Your Shopify Building Toys Store In Minutes To Over 100 Languages

Translate your Shopify Building Toys Store so customers will see your Shopify website in their local language and increase your sales.  

Language translation helps increase both conversions and sales on your Building Toys Shopify Store.

How To Translate Your Shopify Building Toys Store

Step by step instructions for translating your Shopify Building Toys Store to local languages

I will show you how to translate your Building Toys Shopify Store in minutes so new customers can discover your store in their native language using a Google Translator plugin.

Step 1- Install the language translations app on your Shopify Building Toys Store (or any Shopify store) -

Step 2 - Go to settings and customize the translation app to look and feel like your Shopify Store website.  The more native the translator looks to your store, the better. You can change color, size, position and much more so it looks like it fits on your Building Toys Shopify Store.

Step 3 - Watch the analytics to see how language translation helps your store grow and then tweak for improvements. You will see both your conversions and sales grow.

You want the best Shopify apps for growing the best Shopify store. Download Translate Pro and watch your store translate to over 100 languages using Google Translator.

Download Translation Pro App at the Shopify App Store - Download Translate Pro

Your Shopify store translates into many new languages by adding a translator plugin.  A translator app makes it easy for merchants to add a translator to their Shopify website with no coding required.


Full Features List

  • Over 100 languages powered by Google Translate
  • Show customers their native language when they come to your store
  • Translation changes on your website are updated automatically
  • Featured languages are displayed at the top of the page
  • Show customers’ country flags
  • Show customers’ native language
  • Customers can search in their native language
  • It’s easy to customize how many languages you show in your store
  • Featured languages are displayed at the top of the dropdown menu
  • You have complete control over the order of languages in the dropdown menu
  • Customize the location of the translator dropdown menu on your website
  • User Analytics help optimize the customers’ experience
  • Analytics on total customers translated
  • Analytics on which countries use your translation service the most
  • The customer can change between languages
  • Analytics on manual switching of languages by customers
  • Translation at Checkout
  • Using Shopify Translate API
  • Approved by Shopify
  • Cache all translations for a better website experience
  • No coding required
  • Easy set up with our onboarding experience
  • One easy button to enable or disable the application


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