How to Translate your Shopify Store in 103 Languages

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, we probably asked ourselves “How to get more audience?” or “How to increase my conversion?”. If you haven’t thought of going international, you should probably consider it. After all, going global is a big step towards selling more and it comes with its fair share of advantages.

Perhaps you’ve already taken steps towards that journey by offering a currency converter? But when it comes to localizing your store to different countries, it is important that the buyer can fully understand what they are clicking on. Whilst the majority of the internet is English, it is often for us to be complacent and think that the global language is enough. Offering a multi-language option on your store will gain help you gain extra confidence in closing that deal by localizing your offering to different countries all over the world.

In this article, we’ll have a look at how you can easily translate your Shopify store in minutes with Translate & Currency Converter Pro.

Translating your Shopify Store

Translating your store is really easy. Shopify allows you to use apps as the easiest option for your store translation.

With TranslatePro Shopify app you can do the following:

  • Auto translate your store native to your country or manually into over 109 languages.
  • Basic and advance customizations to blend in your shop.
  • Increase sales & conversions using Analytics.

To install TranslatePro from Shopify apps for free, you just have to add the app.

Instructions for translating your Shopify Store to local

I will show you how to translate your Shopify store in minutes so new customers can discover your store in their native language using a Google Translator plugin.

Step 1
- Install the language translations app on your Shopify store (or any Shopify store)
Step 2
- Go to settings and customize the translation app to look and feel like your Shopify Store website. The more native the translator looks to your store, the better.
You can change color, size, position and much more so it looks like it fits on your Shopify Store.
Step 3
- Watch the analytics to see how language translation helps your store grow and then tweak for improvements. You will see both your conversions and sales grow.


You want the best Shopify apps for growing the best Shopify store. Download Translate & Currency Converter Pro and watch your store translate to over 109 languages using Google Translator.

Download Translate & Currency Converter Pro App at the Shopify App Store - Download Translate & Currency Converter Pro
Now you know how Your Shopify store translates into many new languages by adding a translator plugin. A translator app makes it easy for merchants to add a translator to their Shopify website with no coding required.

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