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Setting up a Shopify Multi Currency Store

When your selling to variety of buyers globally, it is quite important for buyers to know the price of what they are buying. Having said that being able to convert the store to the buyer's local currency will not only build up buyer's confidence in buying from the store but it also greatly reduce time and effort in your buyer's convenience which increases their urge to buy.

Shopify Multi LanguageIn this article, we'll have a closer look at setting up a Shopify multi currency store.

Why do you need to have a multi currency store?

In today's age, the most recognized currency for online transaction is USD. However, having your products listed in your visitor's local currency saves a lot of time which also prevents them from having second thoughts. Say if you were buying something and the price was listed in a currency that you don't usually use. Most likely you will have to research and calculate how much it converts to which will probably take a lot of your time. All these time spent probably would lead to abandoned LIVE. But if you were to have a multi currency store, currency conversion is readily available for your customers.

Having multi currency store that automatically converts product's prices benefits you by increasing your market and building your credibility which makes the experience better for international buyers. All leading to an increase in your overall revenue.

Using Shopify apps

Shopify apps allow you to have different plugins such as multi language and multi currency plugins. These are some of the useful ones among them. I strongly recommend taking full advantage of Shopify's multi language and multi currency plugins.

There are many different types of Shopify multi language and multi currency app available which allows your customers to switch from another to their native language or currency. This is commonly done via a dropdown menu or a switcher. Some app has an automatic feature wherein the language and the currency changes automatically based on their IP or location. Some may a mixture of both dropdown and automatic detection.

Most of these plugins don't require you to be a coding expert to set up and were proud to say that Translate & Currency Converter Pro is among them.

Shopify Multi Currency

Here's a video to help you get started.

You can see a comparison chart of Translate & Currency Converter Pro Comparison

Here a product overview:

Translate & Currency Converter Pro (Free plan available & 14-day free trial):

  • Translation up to 103 languages & 164 Currencies
  • Unlimited translation & Currency Conversion
  • Includes Currency Converter (Use translator, currency or both)
  • Analytics
  • No coding required
  • Premium Support


By opening a multilanguage shopify store, we are opening our store to thousands of buyers who would be unable to use us otherwise. In turn, this will allow more visitors and more conversion expanding your market and grow globally.


Shopify Multi Currency
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