How To Set Up A Shopify Multi Language Store?

One of the things that may have crossed your mind as a Shopify store owner is to grow your sales by expanding your reach and sell internationally. But, you have no idea where to start. Don't worry, you're in the right place, and let me share with you how to set up a Shopify multi language store. 

According to statistics at least 13.7% of the US's population is made of immigrants currently living in the U.S. Most of these people probably use English but most would still enjoy the comfort of using their own native tongue in transacting online. Having a language switcher in your store would definitely ideal for them it also makes sure that they are getting the right item.

 Although Shopify does not offer its own native solution to setting up a Shopify multi language store, there are other ways to add other languages to your store like adding Translate & Currency Converter Pro.

Translate & Currency Converter Pro is a multilingual app that doesn't require coding experience in setting up and is very straightforward. You won't need to make multiple pages in different languages nor different themes to set it up. You can literally add 103 languages readily available for your visitors to browse in your store in their native language. It doesn't only allow your visitors to switch the language at any time, it also automatically detects and translates the whole Shopify store based on their location.

Adding Translate & Currency Converter Pro will open your Shopify store to the world. Not only it has a language switcher it also has a currency converter that converts your store's prices into their known or local currency. 

As mentioned, setting up a Shopify multi language store using Translate & Currency Converter Pro is very straightforward. Your existing store can be instantly translated into many different languages as you would like. You won't need to sign up. All you have to do is to add from Shopify Apps and from there you can select different presets or customize it as you like. Make it blend to your already existing store and improve your customer experience overall.

Here's a video to help you get started.

Here's all the feature that you can enjoy:

- Unlimited language translate and multicurrency converter

- Integrates with all themes - 164 multi currencies

- 103 languages auto translator powered by Google Translate

- Auto Translate to show in their local currency and native language translator (google translation)

- Change fonts, sizes (text/flag/menu), color (text/menu), currency code, native names

- 9 translate currency menu options (custom, static, floating) for multi currency & multi language switcher

- Featured language translate & currency rate - Show countries currency format

- Display both store default and local multicurrency on your store

- Have your default store currency hover over the exchanged currency rate

- Multi currency price rounding to the closest whole number- Manually set exchange rates for multicurrency

- Show both converted and default checkout currency

- Vanity pricing - coin to same last 2 digits to look professional

- Add flags to money pricing menu for currencies

- User Analytics help optimize the customers’ experience

- Add padding to the currency exchange rate for specific country currencies

- Custom checkout text- Display both store default and local currency rate on your checkout

- Step by step instructions, no coding required for multicurrency switcher & translate language switcher


By opening a Shopify multi language store, you are opening your store to thousands of buyers who would be unable to use us otherwise. In turn, this will allow more visitors and more conversion expanding your market and grow globally.

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