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Fruit Frenzy is fun, addictive game that will keep you playing for hours with 250 levels which keep getting more and more challenging as you play.

Each level has a mission, complete the mission by collecting the target fruits in the given time and avoid bombs, to pass the level.

Three Games In one:
1. Mission at top of each level, complete your mission
2. Get 3 Star by finishing your mission accurate. Collect only the right Fruit
3. Get Points by collecting as many fruits as you can

Game Features
– 250 levels – each with a unique mission
– Spin Wheel for prizes
– Awesome Bonus’s
– 8 different fruits to collect combination
– Get 3 of the same fruit, earn a bonus in the game
– Extra power ups include bigger bucket, double lives, 2x fruit multiplayer double time.
– Bonus game – Earn 3 stars by getting only the right fruit in the bucket
– Boosts for more time
– Boosts for more lives
– Boosts for 2 time fruit multiplayer
– Boosts for bigger bucket
– Full Version available to open all levels

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App Screenshots

 Fruit Frenzy Game Game Screen Fruit Frenzy Game Game ScreenFruit Frenzy Game Game ScreenFruit Frenzy Game Game ScreenFruit Frenzy Game Game Screen

Customer Reviews

***** ” Cute and cool – I like this app. this is so cool! It entertains me a lot. I will play this often to get a higher score.. haha. Love it.. 😉 ” By: Sofia Henson

***** ” Cool – Very enjoyable game with a clean and nice graphics “By: The Stategy Master

***** ” Fun fruit game – Very fun game, the controls are great, wish there was joystick control other than that cool game. ” By: rdodhia

***** ” Lots if fun – I love playing this game. Trying to catch all the fruit is hard but so much fun! ” By: Kairi

***** ” Fabulous game – This is an intresting and joyable game nice concept really nice work and themes perfectly made game for fun ” By: Faga14

Download Fruit Frenzy Game from the Apple App Store
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