Currency Converter Pro For The Shopify App Store

Currency Converter Pro on Shopify Store
Currency Converter Pro on Shopify Store

Do you want both more customers and to increase the rate those customers convert?

You can achieve this by offering your customers local currency on your Shopify store automatically converting the cost for your product in their local countries' currency.

Currency Converter Pro will open your Shopify store to over 164 currencies around the world. Try our 30-day trial for free.

Grow your business with both more sales and higher conversions when a customer lands on your store, and it opens up in their local countries' currency.

LOCAL CURRENCY AUTOMATICALLY - Show customers their local currency when they come to your store automatically.

CUSTOMIZE THE EXPERIENCE - Create an experience that fits your store with options like featured languages, number of currencies, flags, size, color, menu position, manually changing exchange rate and more.

ANALYTICS - Track user data to offer an even better experience. Learn what your users are doing and optimize your site to increase sales

EASY TO USE - No coding required, you can set up the currency app on your store in minutes.

Currency Converter Pro on Shopify Store

FULL FEATURES LIST (Lots of pro features on free plan)

  • Over 164 countries local currencies
  • Autodetect customers location and show in local currency
  • Show the correct currency current format
  • Choose to display both store default and local currency on your store
  • Control how many currencies
  • Show customers’ country flags
  • Show currency code
  • Have your default store currency hover over the exchanged currency
  • Change text, flag and menu size
  • Change font & menu color
  • Choose from different font styles
  • Round your currency to the closest whole number
  • Add a static menu
  • Manually set exchange rates for currency
  • Show both converted and default checkout currency
  • Vanity pricing (rounded to XX.00, XX.50 or XX.99) to look professional
  • Add flags to pricing menu
  • Show currency name or code
  • Round converted price
  • Add padding to the currency exchange rate for specific currencies
  • Currency Converter Pro is approved by Shopify
  • Custom checkout text
  • Choose to display both store default and local currency on your checkout
  • No coding required in Currency Converter Pro
  • Easy setup with our onboarding experience to get the multiple currencies on your store
  • One easy button to enable or disable the multi-currency app

Download Currency Converter Pro today and lets increase both more customers and the rate those customers convert on your Shopify store?