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Chick-a-Dees is a super fun, brain tickling fun game. This uniquely addictive puzzle, link adorably cute birds in a chain reaction of great popping fun. Chick-a-Dees gives you endless levels of challenging entertainment – while you try to figure out how to pop all the birds on the screen.

If you get stuck on a few tricky levels – use a hint and keep on playing. These birds are strangely addictive and the cutest little birds in the app store, Today!

This game is loads of fun, so what are you waiting for. Download and play Chick-a-Dees, Live in the App Store! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it.

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Chick-a-Dees Main Menu ScreenChick-a-Dees Game ScreenChick-a-Dees Game ScreenChick-a-Dees Game ScreenChick-a-Dees Game Screen

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Download Chick-a-Dees from the Apple App Store
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