1. The Mindset & The Struggle

Business of Startups Episode 1 – The Mindset & The Struggle

About This Episode

In today episode “The Mindset & The Struggle” we will discuss

  • The mindset you will need
    • dealing with failure
    • dealing with beating the odds
    • your comfort level
  • The work, the pay and results of year 1
  • Leaving your job for starting a business
    • When to not to quit and when to quit your job
  • When to go all in and when to hedge your bet
  • Why I started my latest business
  • The one thing you must do to accelerate your progress
  • Does more time = more success

About – Business of Startups

In the business of startups, you will follow along for the journey as I start a new startup and shares the good, bad & ugly of focusing on building a business.   Each episode will dive into a different topic a business faces and will share my experience from past startups that I have started and sold & the new business I am starting up.

Come along and do share your insights on each episodes topics.  You can find me on 

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/company/35666976/

Facebook – http://facebook.com/groups/mokoolappsconsulting/ 

Website – http://mokoolapps.com/

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