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Mokool Consulting is a mobile app growth consulting and development agency founded by mobile app expert - Mukul Verma. Our team of app experts have founded the top-1% of mobile app businesses worldwide. We are here to help you do the same.

4 Cornerstones of Mobile Apps

We use proven, tried and tested mobile apps business experience and techniques to help you grow your applications. We’ve seen it all, from the apps idea phase to selling an established app. What problem can we help you solve?

The four corner stones to a successful mobile app are:

  1. Growth Marketing: Position yourself so users can find you.
  2. Excellent User Experience: Ensure your users love you.
  3. Analytics: Know what are your users are really doing in your app?
  4. Monetization: How can you earn money with your app?

The primary proprietary service we offer is our Mobile App Assessment (MMA). Let us sit with you one-on-one (on a video call or in-person) and take a deep look at your mobile app. Our assessment has over 50 different evaluation points that we will audit.  We identify areas with your mobile apps that need adjustment or improvement and then provide clear actionable solutions that you can implement to increase growth and sustainability of your mobile app, and achieve greater success by acquiring more users and monetize your services more effectively.

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