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Food Puzzles Review (For Apple App Store)

The video review of this Food puzzle app will show another one of the games unique features. You can not only make puzzles from the variety of photos we include – but you can turn your own photos into puzzles. Download any photo from your device including from your Facebook album or the Apple Game Center. You can even take a photo of today’s lunch and immediately turn it into a puzzle.

This Apple App store free Food Puzzle game has photos of a buffet of food items. There are pictures of sushi, Eggs Benedict, tacos, pancakes and a host of other yummy treats.

Choose the food picture you like and the game will then turn it into a puzzle for you. It’s your choice to pick as few as nine pieces or as many as 100. The more pieces – the harder the puzzle.

The game will time how fast you complete the puzzle and you have the option of posting your results to Facebook or Twitter.

Real world prizes are sometimes given away.

Watch the video for a full review for the Apple App Stores Food Puzzles

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For more information on Food Puzzles. You can also checkout the full description at Food Puzzles.






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