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Europe Puzzles Review (For Apple App Store)

This puzzle game features pictures from some of the most amazing sites in Europe. It includes photographs of the Coliseum in Rome, the Grand Canal of Venice and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You choose which photograph you want to turn into a puzzle. The level of difficulty is based on how many puzzle pieces you have in the puzzle. You have the option of from nine pieces to 100.

Though we provide a variety of high quality photographs with this Apple Europe puzzle app – you have another option. You can download your own photos directly from your device and turn them into puzzles. This includes pictures from your Facebook album or even a photo you just snapped. Watch the video review to learn more.

This game is available as a free download or an ad free version can be purchased.

At any time you can you decide to use your own photos that you can download from Facebook.

Watch the video for a full review for the Apple App Stores Europe Puzzles

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For more information on Europe Puzzles. You can also checkout the full description at Europe Puzzles

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