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Dog Puzzles Review (For Apple App Store)

Be sure and watch the video review of this Dog puzzle app (on Apple). It will explain how you can easily access your own photos from your device and turn them into puzzles. This gives you the option of using the high quality photos we’ve included with the puzzle or even pictures from your own Facebook album.

With this puzzle game you’ll get photos of all breeds of adorable puppies and dogs. Each cute, canine photo can be turned into a puzzle.

The game lets you pick the difficulty level of the puzzle by choosing the amount of pieces you want your puzzle to have. Children can play the game by choosing simpler nine or twelve piece puzzles. For a more challenging puzzle choose the 100 piece option.

You can start up to ten puzzles at one time and it will save your place so you can resume your games when you have time to finish.

There is even the possibility of winning real world prizes.

Watch the video for a full review for the Apple App Stores Dog Puzzles

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