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Asia Puzzles Review (For Apple App Store)

This puzzle game includes photos of all things Asian. There are food photos as well as famous sites and landmarks such as the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City.

Though we provide a variety of high quality photographs with this Apple Asia Puzzle app – you have another option. You can download your own photos directly from your device and turn them into puzzles. This includes pictures from your Facebook album or even a photo you just snapped. Watch the video review to learn more.

After downloading the puzzle app you choose which of the photos you want to turn into a puzzle. Then decide how hard you want the puzzle to be. You have the option of an easy nine piece puzzle all the way up to a difficult one hundred piece puzzle.

To switch the pieces you just click on the two puzzle pieces you want to trade places.

Getting started is easy; download the game and choose the puzzle you want to try first. When you’re done you can post your results to Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to beat your time.

Watch the video for a full review for the Apple App Stores Asia Puzzles

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For more information on Asia Puzzles You can also checkout the full description at Asia Puzzles

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