African Safari Puzzles Review For Apple (iOS) App Store

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African Safari Puzzles Review (for Apple App Store)


When you watch the review of this African Safari puzzle app (for Apple App Store) be sure and note this feature: You can easily access photos from your own device and turn them into puzzles. This includes photos from your Facebook album or even a photo you recently took. Turn your own dog, cat, or zebra into puzzle quickly and easily.

This free puzzle game takes you through the wilds of an African Safari. See quality photos of lions, elephants and many other animals in their natural habitat.

You can turn each photo into a puzzle with 9 to 100 pieces. Start easy and work your way up.

The game will time how long it takes for you to complete the puzzle. You can then post the results on Facebook to challenge all your friends to try and beat your time.

When you’re tired of our pictures; you can turn your own photos into puzzles. You can even download photos directly from Facebook.

You even have the chance of winning real world prizes!

Watch the video for a full review for the Apple App Stores African Safari Puzzles

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